Version 2.5 


What is MoonPhase

MoonPhase displays the current phase of the moon on the Today Screen of your Pocket PC/Windows Mobile device..


A tap on the Moon will bring up a window that will show when the various phases (new moon, full moon, etc.) will occur within the current lunar cycle.



What is new in version 2.5:

TodayCalendar version 2.5 fixes the phase calculation error for the lunar phases for 2007 on.


How to upgrade from previous versions:

1- Tap the Start button and select Settings
2- In the Personal tab, tap on Today
3- Select the Items tab
4- From the items list select MoonPhase and tap the Options button
5- In the MoonPhase settings screen, tap the Disable button.
6- Tap Yes and then tap ok
7- Reset your device
8- Cradle your device and run the setup program for the new version


If you have a registered version, and do not uninstall first, your previous registration code will carry to the new version.



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