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  Version 2.1 


It's 3 am! Do you know where your web site is?


What is SiteC

SiteC is a utility to keep an eye on your online business. SiteC will continually check your site and alert you of any problems with the sites it is monitoring.


With SiteC you can:

  • Check for downed servers
  • Missing files or documents
  • Slow servers
  • Login problems to your servers
  • Unauthorized changes to your web site


  • Check web sites and servers for speed and content
  • Check incoming (POP3) and outgoing (SMTP) mail servers
  • Check any computer on the network using ping
  • Check your FTP servers


Using SiteC you can:

  • Monitor your own web site, or other web sites that are important to you (e.g. your payment processor)
  • Monitor the response time of your hosting provider and web site downtime
  • Get warned when your web site performs slowly
  • Send email to yourself if you are away from your desk
  • Send a page to yourself
  • Keep a log of successful and unsuccessful connections for further analysis. Keep a connection log as a proof of the problems when you contact your ISP.


Do you need SiteC?:

If you have a web site that you count on, either you are selling something,
promoting a product, or accepting payments, the last thing you want is to hear it from
your customers that your web site is down.
It happens to everyone, and once is more than enough; your web site or the site that sells
your products will be down for hours before someone takes it upon himself to send
you an email or call you to complain about the problem. This program will help you to get
on your ISP's case as soon as the problem starts


How does SiteC work?:

SiteC will run in the background, sitting as an icon on your system tray. If you are on a dial-up connection, it will patiently wait until you connect to the internet and will check your sites as soon as you do. It will do this every time you connect. Once you are connected, it will also periodically keep checking until you disconnect. If you are on a direct connection, it will periodically check your sites all the time. If it finds problems with any of the sites you are monitoring, it will alert you with a different icon on the tray, a warning sound and an email message in case you are away for your computer
and still want to get notified. You can also get pager alerts when SiteC encounters errors.



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